$35 Million Dollar Webinar

Here is the $35 Million Dollar Webinar. Keep in mind, this is a recording of Session #9 for my Street Smart Buyer Course.

One of my business Partners, Bill Biko, the Educated Landlord told me not to publish it yet. He wants to make it look pretty and fancy. That’s just the way he is. Which is good!

But I decided this once (ok I’ve done it more than once) to go against his recommendation….

I’m posting it NOW. You need this information NOW. I hope you get a lot out of it. Thanks for being here!

By the way….. it might still be loading in Vimeo.  If you can’t see it now, come back in a little bit.  It will be here!

flash sale

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$35 Million Webby from Julie Hofman on Vimeo.