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Julie Hoffman- The Street Smart Diva… Real Estate Investment Coach

My next online Course, the Street Smart Buyer starts December 3, 2015

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My name is Julie Hoffman. I am the:

final logoHi, there. I have been investing in real estate since 2001, over 300 deals, and over 80 million in real estate.  Now during the recession, I got hit pretty hard.  In fact, I lost almost everything.  I was basically Bankrupt.  And I know what your thinking.  Why the heck would I ever want to hear about this if SHE WAS WIPED OUT!!! That Sounds HORRIBLE!!!  Well, this may surprise you, but it was a GIFT …..  In fact, my biggest advantage is having been wiped out during the recession.  It was through that experience I learned many different ways to make things work.  The fact is, my real estate Investment company survived about 4 years longer than it should have simply because I (along with my business partners) found creative ways to stay alive as a company.  My mission is to help  you learn about the real estate mistakes to be avoided.  You will learn the most important things to focus on in real estate.  You are going to learn to be Street Smart when it comes to Property.  And my goal for you is to work with you hands on to ensure your success as YOUR Real Estate Investment Coach.


My next online Course, the Street Smart Buyer starts December 3, 2015.

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