4 Reasons to learn Rent to Own

I don’t like being told what to do.

And I really don’t like telling people what to do.

But I can’t help it.

Because I’m TIRED of getting phone calls from desperate buyers, realtors and mortgage brokers because offers are falling through due to financing.

It sucks for everyone. There is no gentle way to put it.

The seller loses a sale (and maybe the ability to purchase another home).

The Realtor(s) lose a commission.

The Mortgage Broker loses a commission.

And (WORST OF ALL), the buyer loses their home.

A home they wanted so badly, they put an actuall bonafide OFFER On!

Only to find they don’t qualify for financing at the end of the day.

There are 3 reasons real estate Professionals need to know this strategy.

#1: Commissions.

Uh, Duh! I don’t need to tell realtors and mortgage brokers that they lose a commission when they lose a sale. Everyone knows that. What realtors and mortgage brokers may not know is if they know how to do Rent to Own the right way, not only will it save the commision for both, it will create an EXTRA comfission when the tenant buyer finally buys the home after the term.

Pipeline business is awesome!


#2: Referrals

When you help a family like this, or ANYONE get into a home sooner rather than later, THEY WILL LOVE you forever and ever. They will recommend you to your their friends and family and always have nice things to say about you.


#3. A terrific Plan B.

Hey let’s face it, sometimes yo u just need a back up plan. Wouldn’t it be great to know that you have a handful of investors READY and willing to invest in these types of properties. PLUS when investors help rent to own tenants, they typically make anywhere from 17% to 30% annual ROI.


#4. Cash flow. In the RECORDED Webinar below, Kelly Fry will talk about how her FIRST rent to own deal after taking this 3 day training made her $65,000.00. That’s a lot of money! That’s a year salary for a lot of people working 50 weeks per year, 40 hours per week.

As my grandpa would say, “That’s nothing to Sneeze at!”

Please Click on the link below in order to view the Webinar. It’s got tons of really useful information with a great group of people.

As you may not know, we are hosting a Rent to Own Done Right training in Kelowna April 7 8 9, 2017.  Please click on the link below to get more information on the training!


We hope to see you at the NEXT Rent to Own Done Right Training.

Rent to Own Done Right for Real Estate Professionals from Julie Hofman on Vimeo.


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